22nd & 23rd September 2018


Exhibiting at the Wondai 2018 Spring Garden Expo

The Wondai 2018 Spring Garden Expo is one of stunning Queensland’s most diverse garden expos attracting visitors from right across Queensland. Bursting with characters & colour, the Wondai 2018 Spring Garden Expo excites visitors with stunning garden concepts, amazing small business stall with everything from flowers, to vege, to art to home and more.

Showcase your products and services to a huge range of visitors of all ages and demographics. With an Expo in Autumn and Spring, you are sure to keep visitors engaged the whole year round.

In 2017, The Wondai Garden Expos attracted over 120 exhibitors at each expo, including over 50 nurseries, offering over 6000+ attendees a vast variety of plants, products, and services.

Being a gardening and home &outdoor living event, The Wondai 2018 Autumn Garden Expo, offers an ideal forum for any business with products or services with a focus on gardening, outdoor living, household products, crafts, kitchenware, clothing, health and wellbeing or anything new and exciting. Exhibiting at the Autumn or Spring Garden Expos offers a tremendous opportunity to retail, build lead and client base as well as increase brand awareness to one of the largest audiences of garden and outdoor living enthusiasts, South East Queensland has to offer.

If you are interested in being an exhibitor in 2018 fill out the application form and return via email to info@wondaigardenexpo.com



 *To all stallholders: Please provide your payment details WITH YOUR APPLICATION.

Due to difficulties matching Direct Deposit Payments which are not coinciding with forms it is important that you observe this request.

*Bookings received after the cut-off date will be accepted if of the required quality but will not be guaranteed a prime site

*There must be no vehicle movement within the grounds between the hours stated on the application form. This will be strictly policed.

*While we are happy to provide an ATM service, this comes at a cost both for us and the provider, and for the foreseeable future this facility will be available on Saturday only.

The booth can be found at the main door to the pavilion.

*Patrons: while all care is taken for your safety, we ask that the OPENING TIME OF 8AM is adhered to. Stallholders may still have moving vehicles and need this time in order to set up efficiently.

*Plants or other items left for collection at Stalls or the Cloakroom must have a surname and phone number attached or written on the bags.

It Iis disappointing to us and the purchasers that a wrong collection of plants is still happening – PLEASE make sure that the bags you collect are in fact YOURS!